Handle blocks and scales available.

Shown are examples of handleblocks and scale sets that are available. Numerous grade one, two and exhibition grade blocks and scale set options on hand 

Grade one is any native or exotic with some colour and or grain contrasts. 

Grade two has more of the grain and colour contrasts that add much interest to the visual of the knife handle 

Exhibition grade has exceptional grain and colour contrasts that will add beauty to the visual 

Broken fiddleback Tasmanian Blackwood #11 sold

Spalted Hackberry.  #24 sold

Amboyna Burl.

Aged Giraffe bone. Because of the size (width) they are suited to the smaller handles 1 pair sold

Maple Burl with the one on the right having spalting. 

spalted Eucalyptus, Silver Maple and Hackberry. 

Red and Yellow Cedar Burl.

Chittim Burl blocks and a set of superb cross cut scales.

Buckeye burl and Hickory Burl.

Fiddleback Maple.

Walnut Exhibition grade . #7sold