Kitchen / barbeque butcher

The kitchen / barbeque butcher is the knife for meat preperation into desired sizes for the different cooking needs. It has a  7 1/2 inch blade of NitroV stainless with any of the available handle materials on hand or that can be ordered in to suit your preferences 

The K-tip  knives are known as Kiritsuke Gyuto knives, which is shortened to k-tip  chef or kitchen knives. 

The K-tip knife is a multi-purpose kitchen knife that can be easily deployed in various cutting techniques and for various kinds of products and ingredients including meats, fishes, vegetables and fruits.

The full 4 piece set has the 10 and 8 inch chef blades with a 6 inch utility or general purpose knife and the 4 inch paring knife where the 3 piece set has the 8, 6 and 4 inch knives. This set has stabilised exhibition grade Chittim wood handles on the cryo quenched NitroV stainless steel blades.

The professional chef has a 9 inch blade with hande and blade shape designed for  the professional chef. This knife offers all the hand comfort for exteded usage with a blade shape that will effectively take care of all the needs that the chef has in the kitchen. Available in either high carbon steel or NitroV stainless and with a variety of handle / bolster combinations from plain to exhibition grade fancy. This one  has Cherry burl over brass on the carbon steel blade.

These knives are in the Euro style and made from NitroV stainless steel with black paper micarta hnaldes. Other handle options available.

There is 7 inch and  5 1/2 inch chef knives, a 5 inch general purpose knife and the 4 inch paring knife.

The Bearded Chef

This is the Bearded Chef with my own unique blade (designed Jan 2021) giving it a 9 inch blade in a compact 10 1/4 inch overall length. The knife has many ways to use it that offer real advantages over other knives. available in either carbon or stainless, this one has resin ivory on the NitroV stainlass blade



Slicer / Nakiri

Slicer / Nakiri

 I use this knife is primarily for dicing meat, but being a western styled Nakiri is just as capable for any kitchen chores. 7 1/2 inch x 1/8 NitroV stainless steel (cryo quenched) with brass and micarta spacers in the box elder burl handle. Various options for bolster and handles available

Table knives - Steak knives

These  table knives are offered as a pair as a "his'n'hers" set.  9 5/8" and 9 1/8" overall with blades of NitroV stainless steel That has had a cryo quench before tempering. Handle options are varied with standard pricing being for accacia. These are upgraded with exhibition grade spalted buckeye. various micarta's and stabilised woods available

These are available individually, as pairs or as sets of six.

The Chinese vegetable knife

The traditional Chinese styled vegetable knife has a blade 7 1/2 inches long by 3 1/2 inches deep of 1084 HC steel can have plain round or a D handle which is specific for right or left handed use. Standard is plain wood handle with upgrades in wood plus bolster and pommel 

This particular one has exhibition grade strabilised Huon pine with brass bolster and pommel (for use as pestle to crush garlic etc) and was made from antique saw blade in L6 Steel. 

Kitchen Cleaver

This is the 6 inch x 2 1/2 inch kitchen cleaver that weighs just 1 lb for comfortable kitchen use. A blade of NitroV stainless and with this one having a handle with jarrah bolsters under blackwood handles.

K-tip Chef knife set

Professional Chef Knife

Euro style Chef knife set